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EDM Challenge #111: Draw a Bowl


We had spectacular onion soup at the original Au Pied du Couchon in the old Les Halles area of Paris in November 1970.  The soup was delicious and the thick, melted layer of cheese extraordinary.  My husband and I perfected Julia Child's recipe from Volume I: Mastering the Art of French Cooking and bought these soup bowls  to use for the last minute cheese melting step and serving. 

After the Les Halles market moved out of central Paris and Au Pied du Couchon underwent a significant face-lift, the soup was the same, but the ambience of the old place was gone.  The marzipan pig was saved from my dessert plate from one of our later visits.  Somehow it survived the trip home and is now rock hard from years in the china cabinet.


Is it possible to ship french onion soup? Just hearing you talk about it makes my mouth water! I'm amazed that the marzipan pig has survived this long. For some reason I would have thought he would crumble with age.

COOL COOL BOWL, Shirley -- and nicely done!! Reminds me of the soup bowl a friend gave us .. perfect for French Onion Soup ...! but it has a single handle ... wonder what it is about French Onion Soup and handled bowls???

I've been looking at many of your sketches and watercolours and i just love them. They are great. I like your style. I also liked the detail of the little couchon rose, hehe. Martín

Lovely bowl and great story to go with it. Good memories always make an inanimate object so much better.

Oh this is wonderful! Very nice. :)

Another delightful drawing Shirley - thanks for sharing it. Onion soup seems to have gone out of fashion - I haven't seen it on a menu for years. Your post has made me crave it though!

Mmm, I love French Onion Soup! What super memories your bowls bring back! Lovely drawing - I like how you have propped up the little lid.

What an exquisite painting. I love the little pig, and the story that goes along with it. Very nice!

Love the French onion soup bowl, Shirley, which I came looking for from EDM - of course I ended up staying and enjoying your London sketches. As it's almost dinner time, I've bookmarked your blog for sweet afters. Lovely.

I like the story as much as the drawing and especially enjoyed the piglet!

I've never been to the Pied du Cochon despite numerous visits to Paris, but just thinking about onion soup is making me long for both Paris and, well, onion soup.

Keeping marzipan until it hardens to the consistency of a china ornament sounds like the best thing to do with it (I'm not a fan of the stuff)! And what a cute souvenir it makes!

Great sketch and story!

I just happened to find your WONDERFUL site and your delightful watercolors while searching for an image for French Onion Soup.
I am doing a story about the original Les Halles in Paris and onion soup. I would love to feature your watercolor in my story and
would of course, link to your site. Would that be possible? Every drawing is so full of charm!!

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