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More Figures and Faces


I loved the Holbein in England exhibit at Tate Britain and decided that he would be one of the Masters who I copied periodically to learn more about his methods of drawing faces and figures.  This is one of the few full length drawings, most of the others were only portraits. 


I am struggling to draw occasional people when sitting in public places, but usually the seats are so close together that I'm intimidated.  On Tuesday, during lunch at the Morgan Cafe in the Morgan Library and Museum, I had a leisurely lunch and was able to spend a few minutes after I ate making a quick sketch of a husband and wife who were facing each other at a small table approximately 10 feet away.  This is a huge breakthrough for me.  I have no problem sketching inanimate or non-human subjects in public.  Maybe now I'll slowly build up confidence to draw people!




Way to go! I love your husband-and-wife sketch, I know how intimidating it can feel to draw people sitting near you. I too have some problems with that, but I try to challenge myself every now and then. Your Holbein drawing is inspiring, I would like to do some copies of old masters too, just to get to know their techniques a bit... Thanks for sharing!

That Holbein figure is marvelous! You have captured the movement so well and I love the colors. I like your man and wife also and I have found that after doing a few of these in public, it doesn't even bother me anymore. And that will happen to you also.

You have drawn Holbine's lady so beautifully and gracefully. I love your line quality.

nice work as usual...it is SOOO scary to sit there with people breathing down your neck while you try to draw...its much easier to do it with kindergartners cause they think ANYTHING you do is fabulous:>

Shirley - I like your Holbein sketches - this one and the previous one you posted. My big regret is that I, living so close to the Tate, didn't manage to see it before it went! I so wish I had gone along to sketch as you did.

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