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EDM Challenge #105: Draw Scissors


Several weeks ago I sketched my quilting supplies and a quilt that I was working on while too sick to be more active.  In this sketch I included my cute little blunt-nose Gingher scissors.  When air travel restrictions were relaxed and these scissors were allowed on airplanes in the US, I was horrified to lose a pair while passing through security at DeGaulle Airport in Paris.  The gendarme didn't say a word, he just reached over and dropped them into a plexiglass box full of confiscated items.  Strange that nothing was said on the prior trip through DeGaulle in the other direction.


These are the scissors that I drew for the EDM Challenge - 26 years old and still perfect.  I first learned about Gingher scissors when I started quilting and now have the above 8" shears, 2 pair of small embroidery scissors, 1 pair of the craft scissors, 1 pair of pinking shears, 1 pair of applique scissors (which I don't use), one pair of clippers, and 2 pairs of the blunt-nosed scissors sketched above.  It took awhile to convince my family that all of these were fabric-only scissors, but they have all survived and perfomed quite well.  I think this qualifies as a Gingher collection!


I recognize all of these tools Shirley. The first one I saw was the hemostat and I smiled. Then all the quilting supplies, gosh we sure have similiar interests.

Great scissors and other 'tools'.

I love my Ginghers too. When I was little my mother wouldn't let us touch hers; now I have my very own. Fun sketches!

I have a pair just like that, which I keep in their box. My kids KNEW they were off limits. Your drawing brings back a lot of memories!

Great scissors drawings and story, Shirley. Don't you just hate those French security guards? I actually got into a fight with one last weekend, and I'm generally a pretty peaceful person. I was right too....

Ahhh!!! If you still have the scissor box, then THAT'S LOVE! :) Nice job with the sketches ... I really love the way you use soft colours. Cheers! Mary Ellen

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