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Face Practice


I sat in the back row yesterday, in a corner of the auditorium, listening to the medical school Dean give a lecture.  I was able to sketch several audience members during the lecture without being detected (or at least not confronted).  I'm determined to keep sketching people but rarely find an opportunity.  I'm not a Starbuck's fan, don't commute on trains, subways, or buses, and usually attend very small meetings.  I increased the contrast on this scan to bring out the pencil sketches - accounting for the brown smudges over the page.  It is not a sepia watercolor wash!


Great to see your sketches, they are fabulous. I try to practice wherever I can, too, and have been doing my share of "meeting-drawings" lately. You have to take the chances you get, right?

Shirley -- htese are really well, well done!! Realistic, good lines -- BRAVA, you are on your way!!!

Congratulations on getting outthere and doing it. I always find it a bit intimidating that someone might look over my shoulder - especially since I hate my drawings while I'm doing them. These worked out very well - you really got some expressions down.

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