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EDM Challenge:106: Draw Something Sour


This past week was hectic, as I met various deadlines at work and got ready for another visit to our London family.   I tried to think of other examples, but only had one pickle left in my jar and no Sour Tarts in my local store.  I love lemon flavor, but only when sweetened.  My daughter and her two children eat fresh lemon and lime slices - the thought makes my mouth pucker!  I need to play more with paintings of citrus fruit cut surfaces to get more texture - maybe during a less busy week.... 


Shirley, these are luscious, they appear tart and juicy - Nice work - Enjoy that new grandson, I have one that is 10 days oldand fortunately close to my home.
(thanks for commenting on my blog)

Great lemons! Your texture is good and I love the seeds you put in. I love lemon-flavored water and the best part is I can go pick a lemon off the tree.

Have a safe trip and fun visit.

Wow, nicely done! Wonderful lemons. :)

OH I LOVE LEMONS TOO -- these are fabulous, Shirley ... enjoy your trip and new grand!!!!

Beautiful! Nicely modeled and great shadows too.

Lovely lemons. You've gotten lots of texture and beautiful color.

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