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London Visit: Part 16 - Tower Bridge


We played tourist in London this week and visited the exhibit at Tower Bridge followed by a delicious Italian lunch in the Butler's Wharf building.  This morning there was a question about the Daler-Rowney travel watercolor set on the EDM message board, and I remembered that I had this rare photo of me - sketching a piece of Tower Bridge from the warm restaurant.  Since I carry the camera, there are full vacations without any documentation that I traveled with my husband!

I take a small leather pencil case with mechanical pencil, 2 Zig millenium ink pens, a Bic Clik eraser, a folded paper towel, the watercolor set, two size Niji waterbrushes, my travel journal (not very small), wallet, comb, kleenex, Moleskine cahier with map and bus route - all in a very small (ladie's purse size) leather backpack.  Here is the journal page that I was creating:



So good to 'meet' you Shirley!!! And what a nice photo of you doing what you love! The sketch is incredible, too!!! You look so calm working on your painting -- me -- I'm usually hunched over with a furrowed brow! LOL

How fun to see you at work. Thanks for sharing your 'travel tools'. Love how you did the Tower bridge.

I love your journal page Shirley, and Lin is right, you look so beautiful and poised while working. I'd be afraid to have someone take my picture while concentrating. Are you using one of those Japanese water brushes in the picture?

That is a great photo! And fun to hear about your materials too. Your travel pages are delightful.

It's nice to meet the lady behind the paint. I see you're a lefty so I guess that explains a lot. Congrats on your accomplisment from 2006 (sketching daily). That is wonderful.

Hi Shirley - long time, no see! Cantina is one of my favourite restaurants in London - for both food and view! I had the privilege of seeing this sketch 'in the flesh' as it were yesterday and all Shirley's sketches (which always look great here) look even better in real life!

Shirley, what a nice photo of you at your painting! Thank you for showing us!

It's fun to see you here with your sketch materials. So similar to mine. Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

Great photo, Shirley, to go along with your always great sketches. Nice to "meet" you.

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