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Holbein Drawing: Anne Cresacres


I downloaded the Holbein drawing on the left from the on-line exhibit catalogue and sketched the drawing on the right in #2B pencil.  How can I prevent it from smudging?


WOWOWOW!! While I can't answer your question on EDM (I have'nt a clue) - I just have to tell you that you did one heck of a job here!! Simple -- eloquent lines -- beautiful -- just beautiful! You are well on your way, my friend!

Hi, there:
To stop smudging while drawing, you can use a second piece of blank paper to layer between your hand and the drawing. Once the drawing is complete, you can spray w fixative (I use a matt b/c I don't like shine). That should help a lot. BTW ... GREAT job on your goals! :) Cheers! Mary Ellen

i use a spray matte finish to lightly spray the drawings i do to keep them from smudging. i think the brand is krylon -- but there are several available. some people will tell you to just use hairspray, as it is much cheaper -- but it yellows over time. hairspray has a similar chemical makeup to varnish, which also yellows over time. krylon matte spray finish is made to last over time without the yellowing. make sure, though, to just spray lightly. if you spray too much (thinking to get a really good coating), you'll have a whitish cover on your work and you don't want that either. you can always choose the gloss finish and spray it heavy, but i don't like the look that the gloss gives it -- makes it look fake to me. so, i go w/ the matte and fight the urge to overspray. if i do overspray, i take a rag and wipe as much of the whitish coating off as possible.

great job on the drawing and it's always a great idea to preserve your work, even if for no other reason than to be able to have a record of your progress. make sure to sign your work, too, so some day that it will be that much more special to someone! i usually put some sort of date on my work, too.

This looks great Shirley! It's such good practice to do this kind of work.

Great work on the Holbein. I love the watercolour sketches you've done and I admire your goals for the year. Like you I plan to make a journal, but have yet to get the gear together. Good luck on that project, and good luck on your London sketches. What you've done so far are fabulous!
Thank you too for stopping by on my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.
Happy New Year.

I am interested in seeing your recycled book that you made and would love to know Jan Alsop's version. I have just started making sketchbooks from old books - just using the cover and wonder if you make yours that way.
Your blog is nice. thanks for sharing.

Fixative...and I am so jealous...I AM going to England...the V&A...the altar of all things decorative....drooled over thru many Kaffe Fassett books...and you are there...darn life can be unfair :>

I don't know if you solved this but I use a small piece of tracing paper (like cookie sheet paper)under my hand and also a sheet of it when I store the drawings if I'm worried about it. It's less likely than normal paper to absorb and smudge.

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