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EDM Challenge #104: Draw a Salt and Pepper Shaker


In our kitchen we use a glass cannister of Kosher salt and a pepper mill to season food - and really don't have specific S and P shakers that we use during daily meals.  However, my daughter gave me a set of miniature salt and pepper shakers that we put out on the dining room table when we have a group dinner - especially on holidays.  Roz told someone in the EDM group that she has calligraphic gold gouache in her watercolor palette and I thought this was a great excuse to buy a tube of glittery gold for myself.  My local art store only had Winsor-Newton, not the Daniel Smith color that Roz has.  You can't see it on the scan, but these tops really glitter as you move the page around.  The darker color is the gold.  The lighter color is Winsor lemon that I added for the light reflection.  I love the effect of the sparkles!!    


Great job on perspective Shirley! And interesting too as I have never seen anything like these. That paint sounds like fun and I see a little bit of shine.

These are just lovely!

This is wonderful!

Shirley, these are simply fabulous - the subtle shading on each shaker deliniating salt vs paper is amazing but the gentle touch you used on the shaker tops really makes them pop ! Just terrific.

God these are so cute! They look like a choir of little boys!

Beautiful job! I have been looking at how folks deal with the colour white recently. You've done really great! You know it's all white but it's not quite white and you still see the contasts. Wowser. Cheers! Mary Ellen

Shirley, your simple use of watercolour here looks so instinctive - I'm envious - lovely!

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