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EDM Challenge #102: Draw a Power Plug


I feel as if we now live in a world of power strips and plugs that are huge and heavy to recharge our electronic devices.   And when we go to London we need equally large UK plug adaptors in which to plug these huge recharger plugs to allow us to recharge everything while we are visiting.  I too wish we lived in a simpler world - where all of our modern conveniences were interchangeable.  At my daughter's home in London there are separate DVD players for those DVDs bought in the UK and those from the US. 


very nice job on your plug and powerstrip! It will be fun to see all the different answers to this challenge!

Nicely done ! :)

You've done a great job on a challenge that I found really difficult!

I like this a lot: what do you use? I've started to use water soluble ink pen for outline and then watercolour pencil wash. Yours look like you might use a similar technique. Rowland

Lovely drawing! Your US plugs look very small, are they? Just two straight pins? I guess you have the added problem of dealing with two different power supplies when you go to the UK? Silly isn't it?!

Shirley, you really hit the nail on the head with these wonderful sketches..we are all plugged into something!

Ack! I didn't realize that you would have to have different DVD players, depending on the country! How interesting! And you plugs are so well done -- you got it just right!

Great Job Shirley as usual....and funny...same thing happens when you go to Korea...different dvd format...wonder why??? And why cant they just standardize??? I guess the powers that be know?!

Great rendition of the power plugs, strip and all, I like the cool colours and subtle wash.

I've been browsing through your blog. You have lovely drawings/paintings. Nice watercolor work! I like your plug - I'm working on mine. The new baby (from previous posts) is a doll!

Terrific job capturing all the details and the shading! Cheers! Mary Ellen

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