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EDM Challenge #103: Staying Healthy


I wonder if I will be the only EDM member without exercise equipment to sketch for this challenge?  When considering what I really do to stay healthy, I could only focus on really good weight control and daily walking.  Obesity is such a major problem in America.  When research data is displayed at national meetings that I attend, and the average weights of the study subjects are reported (regardless of the type of medical study), there is always a chuckle from the audience when comparing the numbers from the US in comparison to the study populations from other countries.  The only way that I have been able to maintain an ideal BMI as I age is to weigh myself every morning and rein in my food selections and portion sizes.  By walking, I really don't mean that I am Julie or Penny (or other EDM members) who walk a fixed distance every day.  By living in a city, however, I now walk almost everywhere that I want to go.  My car is parked 3 blocks from our apartment and when I get to work I park several blocks from my building.  All daily errands are done by walking in my neighborhood and carrying home the packages.  Our car remains in the garage, except for work days and we walk long distances in the city on weekends.  It is almost exactly one mile with stroller(s) between our apt and that of our grandchildren.  This is a huge difference from our previous life in Texas, where the culture is garage door openers and car trips even one block to the covenience store for a newspaper.  During those years I took 2 ballet classes each week in the evening after my husband came home from work and our children went to bed.  Although I do take occasional ballet classes here in Manhattan, I can't fit everything that I want to do into my usual work week.  I now buy walking shoes that move comfortably from work to play and wear out one pair of these shoes every several months.       


SUPER JOB, SHIRLEY!!! I too spend most of my exercise time on walking -- though I'm adding aerobics (not much equipment there!) and a bit of weight and resistence training to make up for the osteo that is shrinking me ..! LOL LOVE your comments, too ....!

Ah yes, Manhattan is a great city for walking. I have a friend whose husband (in his forties) is only just now learning to drive, because up until recently he lived in London and Manhattan.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The soft "animals" I've been making are from a book called Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy which is easily available. Lots of fun.

Shirley, you and I are in the same boat, I don't have any equipment either but I do walk everyday. I love your shoes but I have a pair of hiking boots that are wonderful and don't wear out very fast :)

I also watch what I eat and don't have a weight problem. Gosh, we are the same.

And I have to tell you folks that she looks very fit to me! Shirley - if your weight control is all down to walking and discipline than I have no excuse - I'm just going to slope off very quietly now to go and look at my walking shoes.

I love your drawings, you are very good at capturing your subjects on paper. Love your dancers! I too have a plan to draw people this year, I´ll be sure to check your blog from time to time for inspiration!

funny I was just thinking about drawing the shoes i walk a jillion miles in at work everyday....but you beat me to it! Great job....

I think I need to incorporate the scales and watching the food intake into my life now! Lovely smart shoes but I don't know how you walk in those heels!

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