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EDM Challenge #96: Draw a Sweet


We cleared our apartment of desserts and sweets after Thanksgiving, so I brought home a candy from the candy dish in our Department office.  I am struggling to learn more about painting reflections and thought that the cellophane wrapper would be a huge challenge.  Fortunately, no one can see how poorly I achieved the desired effect in this scan.  I brought home a second piece yesterday and tried Jana's Mask-it trick, but that wasn't any better. 

I leave in an hour for a 6 day business trip without my laptop, and now realize how much I enjoy my daily review of the EDM group site.  I'll have lots to catch up with when I return.


WELL DONE, Shirley!!! Great depth and even the cellophane looks good!! BRAVA!! Safe journey!

Neat job on these candies. I think you did good on those reflections! I love the red ones.

Have a good trip.

I love this little sketch! Great contrasting colors.

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