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Holiday in London

Our Christmas holiday in London began 1 week earlier than expected.  My daughter was hospitalized with possible premature delivery and we came as soon as we could to help with Henry (age 3 1/2) and Sydney (who will turn 2 on Wed).  We barely had time to finish the Christmas cards and pack the night we received the call.  It is the first time that I didn't do the weekly EDM challenge in months. 

London looks beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations and holiday shoppers.  It is wonderful being with grandchildren and I hope to post some London photos instead of sketches over the next 3 weeks because I don't have access to a scanner.  Here is the first photo of the group,


                      Sydney who will be 2 on 12/20                  Henry who is 3 !/2




I hope your daughter and her baby are alright..... Also, maybe you could photograph your sketches so we, yourloyal readers won't miss your drawings!

Prayers for the Mom and the baby so they can both join these two adorable children!!

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