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A Personalized Christmas Card



In September I posted my first non-sketchbook watercolor painting - my son and daughter-in-law's new house in Washington DC.  When I was talking to my son on Thanksgiving, he said they would love to use the painting for their Christmas cards but wanted it to have a wreath on the door and candles in the window.  I am madly trying to finish baby quilts, ornaments, and other family gifts before we leave for London for the holidays so I told him another painting was not possible. 

So yesterday morning I looked at some images, and created this sketch:



And by dinnertime, and through the magic of Photoshop, my son had created this:


He even had to do some color adjustment on the plants and tree to turn summer into late autumn.  I am so delighted that this worked so easily and even more thrilled that my watercolor painting of their very first house will be their Christmas card this year.   


This is quite possibley the ONLY reason I'd want to learn photo shop.
Great story and beaufiful card! Love your work

Very cool story and wonderful picture of their house. I love your lines and washes.

Shirley! This is absolutely gorgeous! Who would NOT be thrilled with this as a holiday card! And what an honor too -- nothing is more exciting than having our children acknowledge our achievements -- what a lovely beautiful card -- and even greater compliment!!! WOW!

Oh Shirley, what a beautiful story and how all contributed to making this beautiful card!! Gorgeous!

Oh the wonders of photoshop! Lovely idea ... hope you have a lovely time over Christmas in London - I will be away overseas (in warmer climes!) visitng family too ...

Ah, photoshop! It has rescued me on many such occasions!!!!

These cards are classy!

All of your Christmas card ideas are fantastic. I love the wreaths on the buildings, including your son's wonderful new home. Beautiful work Shirley!

All very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful card/art and informative story. Thank you for sharing.

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