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Conference Doodles


I brought my sketchbook, waterbrush, and travel set of watercolor paints to a Med School Retreat last week and sat in the last row at an end seat so I could doodle during the proceedings.  I sketched the keynote speaker and then painted the sketch without the person sitting next to me even realizing.  Then I turned over the program and sketched the panel discussion and moderator in ball point pen - to try to practice figures.  In the spirit of playing with art, I decided to cut out and collage my figure doodles with the painting.  Definitely an unplanned composition!  Again, I think I'm so tired after a 2 day Thanksgiving event in our apt. that I forgot to crop the scan before posting it!  It is definitely in my Moleskine large size journal!


What a happy accident, the collage is perfect. And all too familiar. Wish I had been sketching when I had to go to these events.

THIS IS TERRIFIC, SHIRLEY! GREAT job on the figures -- they are just right!!!! And the speaker is awesome! And I love that you continued to sketch and record the day!! BRAVA!

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