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Wet Canvas Basic 102 Class 2: Creativity


This Wet Canvas exercise in creativity encourages the artist to move from realistic to abstract in a series of 4 sketches.  I did it earlier this year using an image of household scissors.  This time I sketched a small art piece of seagulls that my now-grown children gave me on Mother's Day when they were children.  It now "lives" in the center of a round table in my office at work.  Each of these sketches were done quickly in my office because my day was full and I needed to do my "sketch-a-day" at work instead of at home in the evening.  Sketches 2-4 were done in a Moleskine watercolor journal with a Zig Millenium pen and Winsor-Newton tube paints in 3 colors (yellow ochre pale, Payn'es gray, and burnt sienna).


LOVELY, Shirley!!! I'm especially fond of the colors you've chosen for this beautiful work!

I do not remember seeing these on the Classroom thread. You did a great job with the Lesson. I found that lesson to be one of the most exciting, even though due to time constraints I didn't finish yet. I think it gave a whole new way to see, and made people get away from the photo mode, which is so common on WC.

Shirley, this is just brilliant! I love the whole process and can see just how you got there. Gosh, I am going to have to look at WC now.

These are interesting...especially seeing the process. I'm so clueless about abstract but this helps me understand how artists get there. Nice work!

GORGEOUS evolution from literal to abstract, Shirley.

What an interesting exercise - it opens so many creative possibilities!

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