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Return to London


We just returned from our second trip to London to visit our daughter, son-in-law, and two small grandchildren.  The foiled bomb plot in London occurred since our last visit so the Heathrow restrictions were now in place.  Each passenger is allowed ONE bag that is no larger than 45cm x 35 x 16 (18 in x 14 x 6.4).  No liquids or gels of any kind are permitted, even tube lipstick.  My bag contained my sketchbooks, journal, a pencil case with a pencil, eraser, and Zig Millenium pen, a book to read, my camera and card reader, jewelry, my wallet/passport, Filofax, kleenex, gum, and a comb.  My waterbrushes and watercolor paints were packed in my luggage, thus the JFK airport pen/ink sketch which I intend to leave that way as a reminder of this terrorist-shaped period in our lives.  It was amazing to me yesterday to see the large table full of confiscated items at Heathrow, and the number of passengers who arrived with 2+ carryon bags.  We heard that the restrictions will be lightened this week which is good, because we need to bring the Halloween costumes for our next visit!

 Back to work tomorrow so I will post some of my sketches from the trip slowly over the next week.


Simple and beautiful.

SUPER SUPER JOB, Shirley!! And the visit sounds just perfect! Glad you got through security without a hassle!! And so glad to have you back!! I'm looking foward to your sketches -- as always!

Very cool. I have enjoyed all of your London sketches and shared a link to your blog with some of my friends from the area. While I live in Denver, I nearly moved to London -- what a great place.


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