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EDM Challenge #82: Draw Your Work Space


I sketch and paint anywhere, and rarely use space in my very small, very crowded textile studio.  My goal this year was do at least one sketch every day and to explore watercolor washes with pen and ink.  Most frequently, I don't have time to think about the sketch-of-the-day until in the evening after work and then I want to spend time in our library with my husband.  So this half of the couch is my current workspace.  I work in journals that are no bigger than 6 x 9 inches; use both a travel set of watercolor paints and a palette with dried tube watercolor paints, Pigma micron and Zig Millenium pens, and Niji waterbrushes.   I intended to sketch more of the couch, bookcases, leather footrest and chair, but ran out of space due to poor planning.      


Keep it up, Shirley. A quiet corner is as good as a studio if the mind and heart are willing. Your little sketch has captured the serenity of your haven.

LOVELY, Shirley!!! Looks like my own workspace!! We work similarly and use the sme materials!!

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