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EDM Challenge # 86: Draw a Traffic Sign


I looked at traffic signs all week as I drove from home to work and back again.  Our streets are very wide and I suddently realized that 95% of the traffic signs  are along the sides of these 4-6 lane city streets and highways.  I never remember seeing half of the signs that I saw when I was patiently looking (and trying not to hit the cars in front of me).   My favorite was the yellow and black sign in the middle of this drawing - on a signpost in front of yellow and black arrows.  An undivided city street suddenly acquires a center median and all traffic needs to move to the right.  If you fail to do so, you plow into the sign and a huge row of black rubber containers!   My second favorite is the "Don't block the Box  - Fine +2 points" sign.  I wonder if our EDM members would have any clue what this sign means?



Great! I've seen a lot of signs around the world with this challenge. Funny how different many of them are.

"Don't block the box" means (at least in San Francisco)don't go into the intersection if you won't be able to get THROUGH it before the light changes. "Fine + 2 points" I'll bet means you have to pay AND you get 2 negative points added to your driving record, thereby increasing what you pay for auto insurance. Myself, I'd just be patient....

Great selection of signs, and the drawing is fine, as usual.

I haven't a clue what the box sign means -- but I LOVE all of these together -- super job and composition, Shirley! For this challenge, I too have been noticing signs -- and guess what? Our street sign -- someone stole it -- it's gone! LOL

very fun!!! Great job!

You really got your share of signs here. Just wonderful. I have never seen a few of these. what fun. My favorite sign of all time is one I saw in Boston that said, "Squeeze right" :)

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