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EDM Challenge #85: Draw a Store in Your Neighborhood


I love books and bookstores, and while the big superchains really allow you to browse and read all day, I like the personal selections and recommendations of independent bookstores.   This is one of several in my neighborhood.  I also love specialty food stores, but when I looked at my favorite green grocer/food shop, the facade just wasn't as interesting as I thought.  Too many piles of fruits and vegetables on large shelves across the front and no architectural interest above the level of the awning.


Neat job Shirley. I am also a bookstore lover. I go to buy something I need and always end up at the bookstore.

Shirley -=- I'm with you on bookstores!! FANTASTIC JOB on the bookstore!!! Love the softness of it!

I like your style.
Thank you.

I love vicariously visiting NYC through your eyes. Lovely drawing! I need to start making plans for a trip to NY sometime next year.

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