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London Visit- Part 8: Museum Visits


My husband and I enjoyed more and different museums on this second visit of 2006. 

British Library: I wanted to read an 1857 copy of a 1764 manuscript that described a prisoner exchange with the Ohio territory Indians during the French-Indian War.  My ancestor was one of the kidnapped colonists who was returned to her family during this exchange.  Only pencils are allowed in the Manuscript Reading Room, so while I was waiting to receive the manuscript, I sketched the book pillow on which all such "elderly" books must rest.  We now have British Library reader cards!

Imperial War Museum:  Our last visit was in 1970!  This time we took our 3 year old grandson who loved the interactive submarine.  We will return soon to see the Children at War (WWII) exhibit that we couldn't see easily when he was with us.

National Gallery: We visited parts of the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery and I decided I would like to try a copy of a simple Van Gogh painting to commemorate the visit.  I bought a postcard of this painting from the exhibit and sketched/painted it later in the day.

Somerset House-Courtauld Art Instutite:  The Raoul Dufy painting seemed like an appropriate painting to copy since the EDM challenge was to draw water and because I wanted to see how well I could mix and match paint colors. 

Somerset House-Gilbert Collection:  A medallion from the outside of the building on the River Terrace and one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the current Tiffany exhibit.  I wasn't sure what the rules were about sketching the jewelry, so I sketched this image from the brochure while we had lunch in the River Terrace cafe.


FANTASTIC, SHIRLEY!! What a treasure trove of memories here! All of the sketches are superb!!!!! What detailing on the jewels!!

Shirley, I just love your travel sketches. They are bright and happy and full information. What size and type of sketchbook are you using?

These are absolutely wonderful Shirley. I LOVE your style. Hope you had a good time in London - and have an even better time when you come back.

Gosh, what a wonderful collection of sketches! All of these travel sketches you've done are beautiful! I especially like the arched ceiling and lights, but they are all outstanding!!!

Your sketchbook is such a joy to see. There's something so calm and refined and cheerful at the same time about your style. While it must be hard to have your kids and grandkids so far away, it's good you have the ability to visit such a wonderful city!

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