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EDM Challenge #81: Draw a Streetlight

StreetLight.size.jpg TrafficLight.size.jpg

When I first read the EDM chalenge, at 5:30 in the morning, I thought that it said traffic light.  So I grabbed my camera when I left for work and took a photo of the traffic light on my corner.  I didn't want to get run over as I stood in the intersection sketching and decided a photo would have to be used.  After I sketched and painted it, I realized that Karen's email said "streetlight".   Since the streetlight is the single pole that holds everything, I sketched it too.  The height has been shortened to make the composition more compact.  There are endless varieties of street lights in my neighborhood (one light or two) and traffic lights (single and fixed to the pole or double and triple and suspended over the intersection on a long arm that is attached to the street lamp pole).  Since this is such a walking city, I also included the Walk - Don't Walk signs that are on the street lamp pole.

Wednesday night I was in mid-town Manhattan and noticed that they have much nicer lights on their poles.  Before this challenge, I never realized that there were regional differences in street lights on the main streets in the City!


Excellent illustrations, and I think it's great that you added so much more than just the streetlight. I can almost hear the sounds of the city when I look at it. Great job!

This is just fantastic. I love all the detail you have captured!

FANTASTIC, Shirley!! I love the perspective on the top and all the fabulous detailing of the stop light!! WHAT A GREAT JOB!!! And even that SHADING!!

Great sketch. I believe it's not easy to draw that lights, but your's looks very good!

I love seeing and reading about little bits of NYC on your blog. These are beautifully drawn and painted.

These look wonderful, your use of paint is so good. Interesting too to see the lights in your part of the world!

Beautiful sketching Shirley. We have a lot of different streetlights here in Oz. Some of the Heritage Lights in our 'Arts Precinct' are gorgeous, I will try out sketching one when I get into town.
Love the sewing machine tooooo, such detail!

Great job. I got so excited by these big bold street items I replied to you in EDM, too. I like bold. I like stylized. You've got them both. By policy I try to add something, so to me the grey post and lights look weak compared to the rest.

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