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EDM Challenge # 79: Draw an Ear


This sketch was made from a photo from Morguefile.com because I didn't have any live models when I returned from work tonight.  I rarely use pencil, but don't know how to shade well in pen and can't make convincing skin tones in watercolor.  I think I might make lots more ears this week and try to work on some of these deficiencies. 


A fine looking ear, Shirley!

This sketch is perfect! I think you did a great job, and I love your other work as well. I really like the discarded lamp...I don't know what it looks like in real life, but the painting makes it look like something you would want to keep:)

Nice ear. I'm curious about the morgue site. Going to check it now, but it sounds grisly.


I know what you mean about ears! But this one is just great! The shading is perfect.

Wonderful sketch.This shading rocks.

Very good job. I found it difficult to do in pen and ink. However, it might be even more difficult with pencil.

a fantastic ear!!!

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