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Finally - Moleskine Watercolor Journal


I have great difficulty using new journals and work best in my inexpensive spiral Aquabee.  I shared my journal angst here previously on several occasions and this Moleskine actually was carried back and forth to Washington DC without a mark being entered.  Since then I successfully used a Cachet linen watercolor journal while in London - and forced myself to take the Moleskine on a weekend trip to Chesham NH so I would have to use it for my daily sketch. 

I loved this discarded old slightly rusty lantern that was propped on the wood pile with an aluminum pail used for citronella candles.  There was little variation in color or tone in the "still-life" and I didn't try to add something that wasn't there.  My goal: just get some pen and paints in the Moleskine journal-finally!  However, as soon as I started using my journal, Moda & Moda sold Moleskine to the French so maybe I shouldn't get too attached.  Perhaps the French will also get my email to Moda suggesting that Moleskine make the watercolor journal using the sketchbook format.  I hate the shape of this book!!  Their reply: We'll put it in our suggestion box....


OHHH!!! SUPER SUPER JOB, SHIRLEY!! It looks like iron and such a beautifully situated item!! GREAT JOB! BTW, I LOVE my Raffine journal -- great for sketching AND watercolors -- I think the paper is heavier than Aquabee -- Raffine (found at Jerry's Artarama) is 100# .....

Beautiful job on this. It looks like so much fun. Love the angle and all!

BTW,I have about 5 or 6 sktetchbooks started. It all depends on the mood I am :)

Shirley - I love your lamp sketch - both line and colour. Congratulations on getting it into your Moleskine! I have a real problem using anything but a cheap sketchbook. I love sketchbooks but mine are mostly virgins. I did the sketch crawl this summer and finally put a sketch in my first moleskine (the large one) the rest of the day I drew in my cheap sketchbook. Now I have added a small moleskine sketchbook to my collection - nothing in it so far! I also have a beautiful Italian leather-bound book that I SWEAR I am going to start recording our life in the home we have just bought in Italy. Yeah, we'll see! What is wrong with us?!


Sensational Shirley! I love it.

I know exactly what you mean. I love the Aquabees and the 6x9 size is great. Even though the paper in the Moleskine is nicer, there's a preciousness that I have to overcome each time I use it--as if the sketch or painting has to be good enough to be in it. But I've nearly filled one and already bought the next one but still use the Aquabee too. This is a nice painting and drawing. I especially like the colors you used.

Awesome, I am sure you know it. Your watercolor drawings are great
Greetings from Mexico

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