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August 13, 2006

Central Park, New York City




My husband and I take care of our youngest grandchild on Fridays and when weather permits, love to walk him in his stroller to the Boat Pond Cafe in Central Park.  It is just opening most Fridays when we arrive to get our coffee.  This week Park crews had heavy equipment cleaning up mud debris from the Thursday evening thunderstorms.  My grandson, who turned 1 at the end of July, had a wonderful time sitting in one of the big chairs with us, eating snacks, and watching the bright yellow vehicles moving around the walkways.

Moleskine watercolor journal, Pigma micron pens, and mostly Winsor-Newton tube paints.  The base layer of paint copper roof and awning were done with Daler-Rowney viridian from my cylinder travel set.  

August 9, 2006

EDM Challenge # 79: Draw an Ear


This sketch was made from a photo from Morguefile.com because I didn't have any live models when I returned from work tonight.  I rarely use pencil, but don't know how to shade well in pen and can't make convincing skin tones in watercolor.  I think I might make lots more ears this week and try to work on some of these deficiencies. 

August 8, 2006

Finally - Moleskine Watercolor Journal


I have great difficulty using new journals and work best in my inexpensive spiral Aquabee.  I shared my journal angst here previously on several occasions and this Moleskine actually was carried back and forth to Washington DC without a mark being entered.  Since then I successfully used a Cachet linen watercolor journal while in London - and forced myself to take the Moleskine on a weekend trip to Chesham NH so I would have to use it for my daily sketch. 

I loved this discarded old slightly rusty lantern that was propped on the wood pile with an aluminum pail used for citronella candles.  There was little variation in color or tone in the "still-life" and I didn't try to add something that wasn't there.  My goal: just get some pen and paints in the Moleskine journal-finally!  However, as soon as I started using my journal, Moda & Moda sold Moleskine to the French so maybe I shouldn't get too attached.  Perhaps the French will also get my email to Moda suggesting that Moleskine make the watercolor journal using the sketchbook format.  I hate the shape of this book!!  Their reply: We'll put it in our suggestion box....

August 3, 2006

EDM Challenge #78: A Souvenir


I don't collect anything specific and my "souvenirs" are almost always a piece of fabric or a new journal when we travel.  The exception is Italy!  I love to survey all of the leather carts and shops in Florence.  I bought this very small, wonderful leather pouch several years ago at the Leather Factory inside Santa Croce.  It was on sale and a fun inexpensive purchase.  I had no idea that it is the perfect size (7.5 x 4.5 inches) and shape for me to carry my digital camera in the main section and an extra battery and photo card in the zipper pocket.  The lightweight cord is long enough for it to be carried very comfortably around my neck/across my chest and when we're out exploring I forget that I even have it on.  The small piece of fabric that I bought during that trip at Fortuny in Venice and the journals that I bought in Florence and Venice are still in my fabric stash and empty on my shelf respectively!

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