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Wet Canvas Drawing Basic 102 Class 2

Someone in the Everyday Matters Group announced the new Wet Canvas Drawing Basic 102 Classes and I'm working my way through Class 2 assignments on creativity.  I posted the sketch made with a 1:4 ratio view finder earlier this week and these are the next assignment: 4 progressive sketches starting with a kitchen object and then leading to more and more abstraction as each sketch becomes a starting point for the next one.  The 3 smaller sketches can each be enlarged.  It also is one of my "color project orange" pieces - since June is my month for orange, the last of my secondary colors to explore. 

The Wet Canvas website still confuses me so I was very glad to have a link posted by one of our group members - so thank you.



These are lovely, Shirley. What a wonderful idea--and combining it with your orange study is another great idea!

These are great! I looked into this course myself, thought this assignment seemed fun, but I didnĀ“t get around to doing it yet. Maybe if a rainy day comes along...

I love the abstraction that you did on the scissors, particularly the one in the middle. Nice symmetry and use of color. I like your stuff!!

Great job Shirley...i especially like the odd views of them...very interesting and well done too....

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