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EDM Callenge #72: I went to the Galapagos...


This week's EDM Challenge is to "go someplace different and draw what you see."  It was a very wet weekend in New York City and my husband and I spent much of both days seeing current exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art (DADA art) and the American Museum of Natural History (Darwin). 

My son Jason had a pet iguana for many years and our family got attached to Pablo (as long as it was living in my son's apartment).  When I saw the iguana from the Galapagos in the Darwin exhibit, I decided that this was as "different" as I was going to get - and it was a good time to do more museum sketching.  I wasn't sure about the rules at AMNH, so I waited to paint it at home. 





NEAT! I like it. He looks real.

Cool! Did you know I've been to the Galapagos? Jason was so jealous of all of my iguana pictures!

Very well drawn!

Shirley, this is so neat! You have really captured this guy in all his glory.

Wow, this is wonderful! I love the line and the color. He looks so authentic. You really captured the truth of how an iguana looks.

I love it! Wonderful drawing and I liked the little story about the museum and the rain.

Absolutely wonderful Shirley!!! You must be very pleased with it. I love your orange colour theme too. You are a busy creator, :).

A lovely drawing - I hope we get to see some museum drawings from London. Lucky you off there for a while :)

sounds like a fun weekend - I love museum hopping!!! great Iguana!

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