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EDM Challenge #73: Draw Your Mailbox


I have had many types of mailboxes in my lifetime: mail slots in the front door, rural and suburban mailboxes with flags, and mailboxes with combination locks filling entire walls while at school. Our "mailbox" in New York City is really our mail table.  Mail is sorted in the morning into cubbyholes in a large rolling set of shelves and then the apartment staff moves the shelves into the elevator and delivers the mail to our hallway.

I love mail and as a child home during the summer could hear the mail truck move down the street approaching our house.  Several letters changed my life as I was accepted into college and then medical school.  But the best mail was the daily letter I received from my boyfriend, then fiance, then husband as we both went to medical school hundreds of miles from each other.  We have two full boxes of letters that some day we will open and reread.   





Lovely sketch and story to go with it - thank you for sharing it with us

This is WONDERFUL!!! I love the simple lines and colors the whole thing just looks homey.

Shirley, I wonder what you used here, the colors are so wonderfully subdued and subtle. Just a beaufitully done drawing, very harmonious. I love the spots of that lovely cranberry color, very nice.

I wish I had met my husband in an age where people still wrote letters by hand. I'm drawn in by the unique page layout - Wonderful choice.

What a cool drawing. This reminds me of dorm mail...back in the day!

I love how you incorporated the table with the items on it and the mirrow into the mailbox look! Great job!!

This is such a pleasing drawing. I like the diagonal break, too. And the story is sweet.

What a wonderful drawing. I really like the way you divided up the image and serene colors. The writing was interesting too.

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