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EDM Challenge #59: First Signs of Spring - Barely


Those who know me might have said that the appearance of "PEEPS" on the grocery store shelves heralded the arrival of my spring.  When I left for work, with a wind chill of 15 degrees, on Monday AM, I seriously considered sketching and painting two boxes of Peeps for this challenge.  Today, however, one of a long row of sweet gum trees that line the block between my office and parking garage was definitely "blooming" with multiple 3/4" buds along each branch.  All of the other trees in my neighborhoods look dormant.  My other favorite signs of spring are the many beds of tulips that bloom all along the streets and in the flower beds in the city - a wild profusion of colors.  The tulip plants are approximately 4-6" in height today and many actually look like mutants!  Did they always look so twisted and deformed?  I will have to inspect them daily to watch them flower to answer that question.

I also brought home a sweet gum seedball that was lying with hundreds of others below the trees.  Laura's paintings inspired me and my husband challenged me to TRY to sketch and paint my own.  I really think they are works of art all by themselves.




Your sweet gum is wonderful. Now what are PEEPS, please? It's amazing to see your fall when we are having spring...on the other hand, it's supposed to snow tonight here in Texas!!

Great job....

These are really cool! I love the way you captured the essence of spring in these buds! I gotta get out and do some of this. I think it's interesting too that probably not a lot of people have noticed those trees budding as you have. Isn't having an artist's eye fun?

While your drawing is beautiful, I wish that you had done the 'Peeps' so that I can understand what you are talking about. This is not something that I have ever heard of :-P

What a beautiful, beautiful drawing of the buds. Just a joy to look at.


I love the colors! This is a beautiful drawing. I think you captured the essence of Spring nicely. :)

So gorgeous this drawing!

:-) I'd like to see the box of Peeps, too. Do you get the yellow ones or the pink ones? (am I thinking the same things?) The gumball is wonderful -- a really tricky subject which you did well!

Oh, gorgeous!!!!! So fun to see another's way of sketching something!

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