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EDM Challenge #58: Hat Equivalent


I never wear hats, so for this challenge I thought that I would try to capture my earmuff collection.  I have black, red, and brown earmuffs to go with my winter coats.  I prefer a firm velvet-covered strip to go across my head and fur muffs for my ears.  The black and brown pairs are smooth fur, the red pair resembles a rough shearling.  I'm so afraid that I will lose my black pair (I do live in New York City where black is a primary color!) that I even have a spare black pair that still have their price tag in place.  I wasn't at all sure how to capture the fur texture in an ink-watecolor wash piece, so I experimented some.


ShIRLY!!! These are fantastic!! (I don't wear hats either!) You've even got the TEXTURE of the muffs!! BRAVA!

I think that you have no reason be unsure how to capture the fur texture. You done it very well ! I really like it !

We never have need to wear ear muffs here in Sydney so it is interesting to see a collection of them from somewhere where it is necessary. Nice use of watercolour.

O...O...O, I love the furry feel (look) of the ear muffs. They are wonderful.

I think the little lines around the edges indicate the furiness very well - interesting to see how it's possible to 'get away' with so little.
Alison in Canberra

I think you nailed the furriness...I immediately thought furry and warm when i saw your picture...great!

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