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EDM Challenge 59: Another Sign of Spring


I found another tree that is no longer dormant on the block that I walk between my office and parking garage.  Most of each of the branches are red or red brown and the largest of the buds are only 1/4" maximum.  The buds are extremely complex when viewed with a magnifying glass (see separate sketch of buds at the bottom).  There are 4 petal-like structures and where they are open you can see 8 or more circular structures that are darker in color.  Each one of them is barely larger than the tip of a pin.  The buds are arranged in fours - around the stem - or as a pair on opposite sides of the stem.  I decided to watch this tree change over the next few weeks and then to try to ID the tree type.  My walk is more interesting since I now have a sweet gum tree and this unknown tree to observe over time.


I can't tell you which tree this is, but it is very nicely drawn. Jean

Beautiful, delicate buds and wonderful journaling.

Wow -- I wonder what kind of tree this is? Great job on the drawings -- you might make some additional notes about height, branching habit, type of bark and then one of our plant savvy people could identify it more quickly!


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