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EDM Challenge #57: Draw a Frame and the Picture In It


In May 2002, my husband and I rented an apartment in Venice for our 35th anniversary and invited our family to join us for the week.  My daughter and her husband, my two sons, and their girlfriends (who are now my wonderful daughters-in-law) joined us for a very memorable vacation.  I love Venetian paper and immediately considered drawing this frame for the challenge, but I definitely didn't want to draw more portraits!  Therefore I sketched a photo of our Palazzo in Campo Santa Marina and "put" it in the frame.  The frame is wooden, but the design section is a piece of handmade paper that is set into the frame.  I loved that trip and just thinking about it makes me smile.   Today I decided that I really should put the photo of the apartment in the frame permanently.



What a wonderful story. I love the sketch, as well.

I love your travel sketches, Shirley. You and Evy have such an eye for architecture!

The patterning of the frame and the photo makes a lovely combination. Thanks for participating and sharing.

I love your drawing and your wonderful story. That sounded like such fun for your family. We hope to do the same some day soon. Dianne

I love your drawing for EDM ---and appreciate the story of your trip to Venice, as well. I had the privilege of traveling to Italy in 1985 for a three week vacation. It was one of the highlights of my life! Venice was a favorite spot --I can still taste the Grilled Filet of Sole which I ordered in a Trattoria along one of the many waterways. It was the most delicious fish I've ever eaten! And the ART!! The Art in Italy is unsurpassed! Thanks for sharing your drawing and prompting some memories! Keep Creating!

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