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Drawing Every Day


Exploring sketching and watercolor painting was one of my personal goals after I partially retired in July 2005.  I worked through the Challenges after I joined the EDM group in September, and then decided to try to sketch (with or without watercolor wash) every day in 2006.  I'm constantly searching my apartment for things to draw and fill in some days with a monthly color challenge or sketching a small, jointed artist model in various positions.  I have lots of patience for hand quilting - taking months to complete a piece.  But my sketches tend to be very fast, and not very precise.  I'm trying to slow down enough to really see what is in front of me but I need to balance this with the time it takes from each day's schedule.  So far I have at least one daily sketchbook entry since Dec 26th.  It was fun for me to sketch/paint the above wooden toys yesterday.  We bought them 30+ years ago for our first little boy and now they are part of our grandchildrens' toys that wait for them in our apartment. 


Hi Shirley,

Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am particularly impressed by your journal - it is beautfully drawn and your written comments are great too. Your journal pages are what I aspire to in mine, but I seldom use colour in my journal. I love to draw in charcoal and pencil and keep telling myself to use more colour, but I don't.


Great illo - I love vintage toys!!

What a cool idea to sketch. You did a great job, too. My grandchildren are too old for such neat, sketchable toys!

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