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EDM Challenge #56


This is the first self-portrait I have ever done - and one of the first pencil sketches.  I took all of the advice from the Everyday Matters group today and my choice was to make myself look 20 years younger!  Seriously, neither my husband nor I see a resemblance, so Karen will have to repeat this challenge so I can obtain more skills before attempting self-portrait #2.  The drawing was made from the photo that I added, taken at my son's October wedding.  I don't even have any fixative for pencil sketches, so this image will slowly fade away in my sketchbook.


You are in the same shape I am...my husband not only did not recognize me, he said I should have left my glasses on. Personally, I hope I never have to do this challenge again.

My husband thought I was drawing a comic strip. Who cares? Who's kidding who? I loved your sketch and also the fleeting nature of it, sans fixative. It's like how long our youth lasts.

This is such a tough challenge, and you did a wonderful job! Mark your calendar to do it again next year, and I'll bet you'll be surprised at how your art has changed over the course of a year. Great work! :-)

Shirley -- I think it's lovely -- and what a charming and beauty you are!!

You're very attractive. And you certainly are very much more brave than I am. But I will get there even if I don't finish this week.

Wow, that is really good. Good for you. I am still working on getting my nerve up to do it!


Shirley, I think this is great... and looks a great deal like you! I was reading in Art Escapes by Dory Kanter (great book by the way, no affil) that she carries a plastic travel of non aerosol hairspray in her drawing kit to use as a fixative for pencil sketches... I've never tried it myself.

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