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Sydney: Photo and Drawing

 Syd.collage copy.jpg

My 12 month old granddaughter Sydney was sitting quietly next to me watching Play with me Sesame when I did this quick pencil sketch on a scrap piece of paper.  She is much cuter than the drawing, but maybe more practice will make a difference.  The opportunities to really "look" at her face are rare since she started to walk so Ill have be content with fast portraits and hope that I'll get better. 


She is absolutely adorable!!! You did a great job of capturing her.

THIS IS SO Nice Shirley!! I've tried and tried to capture my 2 year old granddaughter and she always winds up look 20! Good job! She's certainly cutie!

She is so cute...and I think you are off to a great start in capturing her image!

What a sweetheart! And what an enchanting sketch you've done of your little sweetie. I'll bet that cute little nose is right on.

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