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Everyday Matters Challenge #50

Entry Hall.size.jpg


1. The Drawing:  This was one of the hardest sketches I have done.  I wanted to work in my 5.5 X 8.5 daily journal, but feel as if I really needed a huge piece of paper to draw all of the moldings and details.  Thus this is simplified for the smaller format.  The apartment walls and trim are off-white and the floors hardwood.  The furniture is all slightly different shades of brown wood and the quilt that I made is cream background with a red and green feathered star with mutliple red and green pieced borders.  Newbies like me should get a laugh when they notice that the furthest wall sconce "just appeared" in the middle of my quilt!  If you look really quickly you don't notice it.  The rug is a complicated red/green/beige geometric design - do I have enough inner strength to tackle the design?  I wanted to post this before I added watercolor because I have no idea how I will develop the sense of deep space and warm light.  Any ideas?

2. My feelings as I enter my apartment:  I love my apartment and my life in New York City.  My childhood home is 22 miles from our apartment, in Northern NJ - our move to Manhattan was like coming home.  Although we live on a busy avenue, it is possible for me to get completely lost in my apartment, or to be surrounded by people from all over the world within minutes.  We can walk almost anywhere that we want or take easily available public transportation.  Our car is used only when we are leaving the city - I drive 11 miles to work and back.  The entry hall has an antique table (purchased when we lived in San Antonio Texas) and an antique Victorian oak hall tree (purchased when we lived in San Diego).  It is covered with  hats, caps, and earmuffs which I ignored in my sketch, but just this minute realized that I should have then added the empty hooks!   The double doorway on the right leads to the living room and the door to the left leads to the dining room.  The light on the table is hand blown glass, and on most of the time, creating warm light and shadows.  The antique brass candle holder was purchased during a favorite vacation in Amsterdam.   We just renovated one of the bedrooms and now have a beautiful mahogany library  - my new favorite room.  Maybe I'll be brave enough in another week to sketch in there.


THIS IS FABULOUS!!! YOU DID A Grand JOB -- sconce and all!!! Take a BOW!!

Bravo! I'm joining in with Laura's (Lauralines)interior project and I know how had these are to draw. You did a great job here - well done!

What a SUPER job you did! I am now ashamed that all I did was a face on version of the shelf as you walk into the house. You took on the whole entry way. Love it!

Shirley, this is fabulous. I am such a big fan of yours. I can't wait to see your new library, too!
PS I'm coming to NYC for Danny's sketchcrawl. I hope you'll participate, too--it's going to a lot of fun, I think.

You did a wonderful job on this! Especially the hardest part--perspective!

You did a fabulous job with the perspective. Very well done. I've found sometimes it's good to put a few placement markes on the page before I get started with any real drawing as this helps me keep every thing in its proper place in relation to every thing else. I'm very impressed though. I think you did an excellent job.

Great job on all those perspective lines. I hope I can accomplish this as well as you did. :)

You've done a wonderful job on this very difficult task. Your apartment looks so inviting.

I haven't attempted this one yet! I hope I do as well as you.

Wow, you did a wonderful job on your entryway! Your drawing has a real sense of space--can't wait to see it if you decide to color it too. Funny about the sconce appearing in the middle of your quilt--that happens to me alot--I don't even realize that I'm off till it does.

This a first visit-- I love the feel that I could walk in and sit --join you sketching -just sip tea --- you managed to show warmth as well as terrific skill--thanks so much for sharing---boy, am I late or what I just looked at some of the dates, ah well then I can't imagine what you are doing now!

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