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EDM Challenge #51 and Another Interior


This is the first opportunity for me to sketch a section of our new library.  My husband and I have watched the MacNeil-Lehrer (now Lehrer) News Hour since it was first broadcast.  We never got home from work in time for the national news, and enjoyed the more in-depth coverage of their reporting.  Our whole family are all also Law and Order fans, but I couldn't imagine how I could sketch the rapidly changing scenes in one of their episodes!  Maybe in my next lifetime!


Laura inspired many of us to sketch interiors this month and I decided to try another one from my apartment.  This is our wood-burning fireplace which hasn't been used yet this year because the winter has been mild.  The previous owner of our apartment bought the mantle which is one of my favorite possessions. 



These are so very well done!! I was in the middle of sketching my TV and having the dickens of a time with the perspective on the cabinet beneath it ...you so nicely succeeded with yours!

Well done! The t.v. sketch has such a nostalgic feel to it. And that sketch of Sydney is PRECIOUS!

Wonderful job, simple lines, nice loose flow to both pics! Well done!

Beautiful sketches you have. I like the loose colouring. Interesting, that you have a news called "Lehrer" - that's our German word for teacher and they are known to be knowing or better: know-it-alls ;-)

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