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EDM Callenge #49 and a sketch of Sydney


EDM Callenge #49:  Draw my refrigerator.  Given the choice of drawing the outside or the inside, I decided to take a comfy seat instead of standing in a really small space.  We obviously have too many kitchen magnets - very few of them are holding anything up.  The three pig magnets have magical power to allow my husband and I to remain thin.  I think that I'll throw the rest of them away.  The baskets on top hold our bags of chips - very tempting.


Our 12 month-old granddaughter spent the night last weekend and I managed to get several quick sketches of her playing.  I have enormous difficulty drawing faces - and even though it doesn't look very much like her, it is an improvement over prior attempts which will remain unpublished.  



Shirley! What a FABULOUS sketch of your refrigerator and granddaughter!!! How pleased you should be!! My granddaughter is almost 2, my grandson just turned one and how I WISH my sketches of them came as close to pretty as yours! GREAT JOB!

That is so funny! Ours are similar aren't they?! I think that's a great idea to keep tempting things in the basket, wish I had thought to that! Your studio is an Aladin's cave!

Shirley, I have magnets that do nothing also! I'm glad to see you taking part in the challenges and enjoying drawing.

Wonderful sketches of the refrigerator and grandchild! Beautifully done!

Beautiful Sketches. The fridge is stunning.

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