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Thread vs Paper Supplies


 My Fabric Studio:  This is the old maid's room in my 1920s New York City apartment.  The previous owner made this 7 ft 3 inch by 9 foot 9 inch room into a small library and the lovely cabinets/bookshelves that line both side walls are just visible.  It would be hard to catalog all of the fabric, thread, and supplies that fill this small room - there is one ceiling to floor cabinet that is just filled with procion dyes and all of the supplies necessary to paint/dye silk. 

Below: EDM Challenge #9 - Controlled Chaos

This is a quick sketch of my fabric studio.  I love this space and can lose myself for hours in the midst of all of this fabric and these supplies.



My rudimentary art supplies:  French School student grade pan watercolor paints, several 5 ml Winsor Newton primary color tube watercolor paints, assorted brushes, a plastic palette, Pigma micron pens (03 and 05), a Derwent graphic 2B pencil, and a Bic click eraser.  I don't have room to expand so I'll have to continue to work in small format journal sketchbooks!


This looks so cozy and full of stimulating things, too. My studio is small (not this small) but it is simply chaotic. No control, no cozy. It isn't always this bad, but I haven't managed yet to get it in shape after the holidays---too busy spreading my art supplies all over the house. Sorry to go on about myself in YOUR comment space. Your sketch shows pure coziness. I can imagine how you'd just get into a flow state so easily in that space.

I love the drawing! Nice space. How cozy and creative

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