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July 17, 2015

NYC Urban Sketchers and the End of 100 Day Project

The New York City Urban Sketchers met this week on the plaza in front of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue.  The overall plan was to sketch the Truth and Beauty sculptures and/or the Lions Patience and Fortitude.  It was a gorgeous day and I sat on one of the park chairs and sketched Truth, followed by a drawing of the man sitting all afternoon at a small table in front of me.  He said he is Garrett Buhl Robinson, an author who is selling his published books and passing out information about a musical that he wrote that will open in the Fall. 




Our weekday NYC Urban Sketchers Group.  Raylie (on the left) and 3 others from the NYC Group are headed off this week to Singapore for the annual Worldwide Urban Sketchers Symposium. 


100 Day Project:  Drawings From My Imagination 

July 14th was the last day of the 100 Day Project Challenge, and I celebrated with a final drawing of Alex and Alice.  The caption says "Can I take Alice and go home for a visit?"  I asked my 5 year old Grandson Zach for a backstory when he was here this past weekend.  Axel and Alice are from the Moon, and their heads are shaped like that because they were both born during a crescent Moon.  He says they were playing in Axel's Mother's spaceship and accidentally started it! 


July 7, 2015

100 Day Project

Only 8 more days in the online 100 Day Project (, and although I draw other things from my imagination for this Challenge", Axel is my favorite subject.  His character developed during a "drawing with a child" homework assignment in Jonathan Twingley's week of Sketchbook Skool, and I've surprised myself that I am enjoying this pure fantasy drawing so much.  There are days when I feel as if my imagination is totally empty and then I start thinking about Axel and a drawing emerges.  Here are the most recent 4.  My oldest son's 3 boys are spending the night with us this weekend, and I think Zach and I should begin to create Axel's story, since it was Zach who did the drawing I combined with mine when Axel first appeared. 

Where Did That Man Go?


Can She Be My Friend? 


A Taste of Coffee:  What Does It Taste Like?


Makes a Good Slide!



June 30, 2015

The End of Our Vacation Month

We returned home yesterday from a very busy wedding weekend in Texas, and I only filled one page in my Summer Sketchbook.  Our friend Kathy is a wonderful gardener, and what I wanted to remember most from our visit with her is the variety of her calle lilies.


June 23, 2015

Family Weekend at the Beach

We just returned from our Family Weekend at the Beach.  One of our children lives in DC and as a group we have increasing difficulty finding a summer weekend that everyone can be together.  Our oldest grandchildren are leaving for 7 weeks in summer camp this week and just about when they return, our DC grandchildren will be going back to school.

I invited my alien AXEL to join us too. 


I only did one sketchbook page while we were there.  The activity level was way too high to concentrate, but now that I'm home I'll work from a few photos I took.

On one of our beach walks we saw an area roped off as a tern nesting area.  We are used to seeing this for piping plovers.  I wasn't sure that I could recognize a tern, but it wasn't long before a tern and 3 babies were spotted ahead of us on the sand.


The hardest part of our summer weekend, and holidays when we are together, is to get a photo of all 8 grandchildren.  It was starting to rain, and I quickly got them lined up and took several photos.  Here they are - ages 2-11!   



June 12, 2015

Continued Adventures of My Alien

I am still doing my 100 Day Project (Daily Drawings From My Imagination).  Recent ones feature my Alien which developed during a Sketchbook Skool Child's Play homework assignment.  He is the star of the series and I am having fun playing with this concept.  Truthfully, I find other types of drawings from my imagination are still difficult.  But I have a whole new appreciation for the process of channeling a muse and creating something from nothing - almost unconsciously.  But my Alien and his girlfriend continue to explore, and in the process try understand the world around them.  I think they need names and would love some suggestions.   


Alien and Owl:  Is someone talking to me?


Alien and Shower:  Wonder what this knob does?


Alien and Flowers:  Can I eat this?


Alien and Hats:  I don't think any of these hats will fit me.


Aliens and Waiting:  What is supposed to happen?


Alien and Books:  What are those for and do they taste good?


Aliens and Cupcake:  I think those are bugs.


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