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Continued Adventures of My Alien

I am still doing my 100 Day Project (Daily Drawings From My Imagination).  Recent ones feature my Alien which developed during a Sketchbook Skool Child's Play homework assignment.  He is the star of the series and I am having fun playing with this concept.  Truthfully, I find other types of drawings from my imagination are still difficult.  But I have a whole new appreciation for the process of channeling a muse and creating something from nothing - almost unconsciously.  But my Alien and his girlfriend continue to explore, and in the process try understand the world around them.  I think they need names and would love some suggestions.   


Alien and Owl:  Is someone talking to me?


Alien and Shower:  Wonder what this knob does?


Alien and Flowers:  Can I eat this?


Alien and Hats:  I don't think any of these hats will fit me.


Aliens and Waiting:  What is supposed to happen?


Alien and Books:  What are those for and do they taste good?


Aliens and Cupcake:  I think those are bugs.



Cute. Nice series. Great imagination.

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