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June 29, 2008

More Faceless Figures

Here are 3 more faceless figures from the month of June:  three Parisiennes from a 19th C photo, a sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in a Washington DC hotel, and a sax player from the Tin Pan Blues Band that I sketched in Central Park while my husband watched our grandson Robbie feed the ducks.  If you "google" the name of the sculpture and sculptor, you can see what Marilyn's face looked like. 






June 16, 2008

EDM Challenge #175: Draw a Basket


A basket of cloth napkins that we keep on a shelf under our side table in the dining room. 

June 10, 2008

EDM Challenges #174 (Brdige) and #173 (Memory)


I was able to photograph and sketch a small foot bridge in Central Park, New York City.  Landscapes aren't "my thing" so I need to be forced to consider trees and bushes. 


I missed several EDM Challenges when I was on vacation in Quebec.  This sketch of an inuit piece of jewelry was finished this week from memory.  The background pink color was my addition - the Inuit pin was just the ice cubes, figure, and base.

May 21, 2008

Every Day in May - 20 and 21


May 20th:  Another Matisse contour drawing from my book of Suerat to Matisse French Drawings.  Matisse did the contour drawing self-portrait, and I copied it line by line and then added the color.


May 21st:  Long day at work and we're getting ready for vacation this evening.  I removed the sharps from my carry-on bag and did my fastest sketch ever.  One more day of work and then a relaxing trip to Montreal and Quebec City where I hope to fill a specially prepared recycled sketchbook.


May 19, 2008

Every Day in May - 19


A quick sketch tonight for EDM Challenge #171: Draw Ice Cream

I love ice cream and had this photograph mounted as part of a storyboard collage that I did for a project about me.