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Every Day in May - 20 and 21


May 20th:  Another Matisse contour drawing from my book of Suerat to Matisse French Drawings.  Matisse did the contour drawing self-portrait, and I copied it line by line and then added the color.


May 21st:  Long day at work and we're getting ready for vacation this evening.  I removed the sharps from my carry-on bag and did my fastest sketch ever.  One more day of work and then a relaxing trip to Montreal and Quebec City where I hope to fill a specially prepared recycled sketchbook.



Superdelicate little drawing of your "sharp objects", Shirley. My husband had a 150ml tube of hair gel seized at the airport earlier this week ... evidently 2 x 75ml tubes would have been acceptable ... I am finding it harder and harder to fathom what is considered potentially dangerous and why!

Look forward to seeing your special recycled sketchbook in action. Enjoy your time away!

What lovely posts! Especially like the Matisse/Schiele contrasts... and I've always admired your dancers. Hope you have a great trip wherever you are off to. And I'm still amazed at how rediculous it is to not be able to take nail CLIPPERS or tweezers... but that it's OK to have great bundles of knitting needles. (I'm glad I can take my needles, but there's NO logic that I can figure out.)

Fun stuff...sweet sketch of the child with the ice cream cone!

Well done, Shirley - I really love that nail clipper, and Matisse looks great.

I'm all into self portraits today! Getting close t the end of my class and preparing for a final project. Have a safe trip! and lots of fun! great job on the sharps drawing :)

I like your Matisse sketch--nd those objects are sharp!!

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