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Omicron in Decline?

Here's Hoping! 

I follow the NY Covid-19 infection rates for the State, NY City, and Manhattan on the NY Forward Dashboard.  I was very happy to see the decline in the numbers this past week and decided to post some information from specific days in the two winter surges.

Last Year  1.4.2021       NYS  8.3%    NYC   6.9%        Manhattan   3.3%  Approx Peak

        1.15.2021    NYS  5.8% NYC  5.1% Manhattan   3.1%

        2.15,2021    NYS  5.0% NYC  5.5% Manhattan   3.9% 

                5.29.2021    NYS  0.6%     NYC   0.4%        Manhattan   0.3%  Approx Nadir


               10.15.2021   NYS  2.4% NYC  1.2% Manhattan   0.9%     Nadir Pre-Surge

        11.26.2021   NYS  4.7% NYC  2.2% Manhattan   2.1%     Omicron Announced      

12.27.2021   NYS  19.3%   NYC  19.6%       Manhattan   17.5%

 This Year 1.2.2022       NYS  23.4%  NYC   22.7% Manhattan    18.6%   Peak Numbers 

1.13.2022     NYS  16.3%  NYC   14.3% Manhattan    10.7%  

These numbers for the infection rate were posted by New York testing sites almost since the beginning of the pandemic and I followed them on a daily basis.  In late December 2021 the state was testing from 300,000 - 400,000 people per day - and an unknown number of patients were doing rapid tests at home. The surge in December and January were unprecedented. comparing the case numbers to the winter surge in 2020-21.  Each day I was shocked to see how fast the infection rate was rising.  On 12/25 the omicron variant was 85.4% and on Jan 1st it was 98%.  In the 1.12 graph I discussed it is clear that the rapid rise in cases in NYC was in the unvaccinated people.  The rapid DECREASE IN CASE NUMBERS now can give us hope that this infection rate will continue to plumet as in South Africa.     


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