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Booster Shots for the Vaccinated

Yesterday 2 of my unvaccinated grandsons asked if they could come over to watch me make 3 layer cloth masks for them before school starts.  One of them likes the elastic to go around his neck and head like N95 masks so I am his provider!  For this blog post I am reposting a Covid collage that appeared on July 11, 2020.  In that blog post I described the 3 phases of the clinical trials for the mRNA vaccines that were beginning http://www.paperandthreads.com/2020/07/roll_up_your_sleeve.php.  I now have created 122 Blog Posts about Covid and I feel as if we are back at the beginning. 

It is possible to collect plasma from patients infected with the delta variant to measure "neutralizing antibodies" to determine vaccine efficacy.  But following breakthrough cases in the real world gives scientists information about the full immune response in vaccinated patients.  The CDC follows these very carefully and the increase in the number of breakthrough cases in vaccinated people made them decide that it would be better to stay ahead of the virus.    High rates of infection in the unvaccinated leads to more mutations!Continue below. 


Dr. Fauci, in the CDC announcement last Wed, presented 4 reasons for considering booster shots 8 months after our second doses:

1.  Antibody levels decrease over time.  2.  Higher antibody levels are more protective.  3. Higher antibody levels may be required against the delta variant.  4.  There is a 10-fold increase in antibody levels against delta variants after a 3rd dose of the same vaccine.  There are many vaccines that require several doses and/or annual boosters, so this is not an indication of vaccine failure.  It is still enormously effective against hospitalizations and deaths due to delta variant, less so against mild to moderate disease, thus the new recommendation.  Schedule your booster shot at one 0f 80,000 centers 8 months after you received your 2nd dose of mRNA vaccine.  Please don't rush out before that!  Two of our closest friends (same age as us) both developed Covid recently and they were so thankful for the vaccine, because the infection was just like a cold.     


I plan to get my vaccine booster as soon as I am able to. Being a senior and seeing most of the breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization are seniors I figure it’s important. I figure that’s why we seniors get an enhanced flu vaccine so why not a booster for the Covid vaccine? I would like to see a study done on whether seniors lost the antibodies faster with the Covid vaccine than younger people or if we might need more or stronger doses than younger people to build the same immunity. Or perhaps a study would just show everyone needing the booster as much as a different age group. At any rate I will get it and I thank you for being so diligent on your art and info during this whole pandemic period.

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