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Keeping Up With the Coronavirus Mutations

"We need to double down on public health measures.  The less a virus spreads, the less it is going to mutate, "said Anthony Fauci.  The development of the mutations in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil are a concern.  What do we know now?

The Moderna vaccine will work against the UK mutation and the S. Africa mutation, although the efficacy against the South African mutation is less, but probably adequate in lab studies.  The Pfizer vaccine works in lab studies against the UK mutation, but like Moderna, its effectiveness against the S.African mutation is less. Both of these mutations, which occur in the spike region, make it easier for the virus to bind to our cells and may explain their increasing transmission. 

The UK variant is already in the US and will be the dominant variant quite quickly.  It is time for Americans to realize that we all need to follow stringent public health measures, and even to consider double masking.  One patient with the Brazil mutation was reported Monday in Minnesota.  No cases of the S. African virus mutation have been reported here YET!  See More



Paul Offitt, a member of the FDA Vaccine Advisory Board, said that the full immune system may be more effective against the various mutations, and scientists will need to carefully study vaccinated patients if they develop Covid -19, to see which mutations are responsible.    

Moderna is preparing to make another vaccine to deal with the mutations, and is also beginning a clinical trial to study the effects of a booster shot of their current vaccine.

Other vaccine news:  The results of the J and J Phase 3 Clinical Trial are expected in the next few weeks, and then they can apply for an EUA.  Merck discontinued their 2 vaccine trials because the results were disappointing. AstraZeneca said that their vaccine had low efficacy in older people.

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