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How Will We Drink Our Wine?

The Risks of Developing a Covid-19 Infection: From Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Review (CDC)

Just as New York City set a date to open indoor dining, the CDC released results from a study they did during the month of July on Covid-19 risks associated with various settings and exposures.  They found that restaurant eating and bar/coffee shop attendance had almost 2-3 times the risk for developing Covid-19, in comparison to many other activities.  The methods of the study were classic - a cohort of Covid+ patients from 11 trial sites were compared to a cohort of Covid-19 negative patients.  Everyone had to answer a battery of questions about their activities in the two weeks before their symptoms and virus tests.  Questions included mask wearing, and common activities: shopping, gym, salon, church/religious events, office work, and public transportation.  Only eating in restaurants, bars/coffee shops were statistically significantly associated with Covid-19 positive tests.  The lack of social distancing and mask use, while talking and eating, all contribute to the risk - outside or inside according to the data.



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