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AT HOME Covid-19 Test

Some scientists and epidemiologists believe that the pandemic would be even more rapidly controlled by a simple at home antigen test that could be used like a pregnancy test.  Nasal swabs or saliva must be added to a tube containing a liquid.  A paper strip coated with the virus antibody is then dropped into the liquid/test tube, and 15 minutes later the paper strip coated with a SARS-Cov-2 antibody will tell you if the virus protein antigen is present. 

In the one video I've seen, a positive control on the strip turns pink, and the adjacent strip also turns pink if the sample reacts with the antibody - meaning the virus is present in the sample.  The sensitivity is less than the molecular test, but the test becomes positive just about the same time as the virus replicates enough to be infectious and transmissible  (read more at rapidtest.com).  That makes it a very good test for "testing, tracking, and isolating,"


       Example of positive test - paper strip in the tube.

The FDA doesn't yet have a way to evaluate these home tests - but the tests offer an easy, less expensive way to alert people who are infectious and should quarantine.  It is estimated that the paper strips could be very inexpensive ($1-2), meaning this test could be repeated every 1-2 days.   This test is a public health tool.  The current molecular Covid-19 tests are the gold standard, but are taking too long to complete, so they aren't as helpful for controlling the epidemic.



Oh I certainly hope they have this test available soon. It would be so great.

Nice to have you on our side! We've added fires to this year. We are about one hour away from several fires here in Northern California. Smoke lingers every day. I'm guessing that floods will top off this year. Continue to take care and keep us informed. Thanks, Sandra

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