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Vaccines Against Coronavirus

We are all hoping, not so patiently, for a vaccine against coronavirus. Each day new companies or research groups begin another vaccine development project and over the last few months 120 became 140, and now as many as 150 developers are on the list.  The average vaccine takes 7-10 years to develop, test in clinical trials, and get government approval.  The record for completing this process is 4 years.  But there are many groups who are moving much faster and could break the record - safely. 

In the US every vaccine, drug, or medical device must go through preclinical studies, and phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials before applying for FDA approval. 

I am giving a virtual seminar as part of a series on Covid-19 for woman students in STEM at my undergraduate college.  As a hematologist I'm very familiar with the development process for cancer drugs, and regularly had patients enrolled in one of these types of clinical drug trials.  When there are headlines everywhere about a newly repurposed drug being amazing for Covid-19, I would like the students to understand the quality of the research required in the 3 phases of clinical trials and the qualities of scientifically-based research studies. 


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