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My Pandemic Wardrobe

A "Stay at Home" order in New York State was made on March 20th. From then until June 8th, when we started a Phase 1 reopening in New York City, my husband and I left our apartment only 6 times - mainly for quick grocery shopping 2 blocks away.  During these 3 months I've been very comfortable in a pandemic wardrobe, which consists of a cotton T-shirt and a pair of leggings.  I am barefoot and alternate among different colors based on what is next in the pile. These choices even work well with ZOOM and FaceTime and I can order additional clothes online with no delays.




I figure that the cosmetic industry must really be suffering. If you can't take me as I am, who cares. Stubbed my toe really hard, so I at least wear sandals! Just gave myself to reading yesterday and had no apologies for not dong art work. Read Ken Follett's "A Dangerous Fortunte". A true novel, not just a "who done it". Refreshing.
The craziness continues. Take care. Oh, the temps are in the high 90's to 100. Another excuse to stay in and be cool.

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