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First Daffodils I Saw in 2020

My daily solitary walk is giving me some fresh air, keeps me sane, and lets me do a quick drawing.   When I come home I return to my heating pad for back therapy and I'm usually anxious to pick up my current book.  I think I finally figured out why reading is taking precedence during this period of self-induced isolation.  I escape to another time and/or place and I don't feel guilty when I'm reading.  At many other times in my life a full day of reading made me feel guilty because my Mother asked me why I was reading so much, or I was studying for exams or conferences, or I had way too many things to do for my job and family. 

I turned a corner on my walkthis week and saw my first flower box full of daffodils for the season.  They were gorgeous and needed to be in my sketchbook during these troubling times. 

Quick News:  Morton Williams, a family-owned grocery store in Manhattan, emailed customers yesterday to say that their first hour after opening each day (7-8AM) was reserved for Senior Shopping.  We were there at 7 and only had contact with the one cashier, walking just 2 blocks to and from the store.   




What a sweet gesture by Mr. Williams. Unbelievably, rain here, but I do look out and see color from the blossoms.
Finished a Jance book, Left for Dead. Good read.

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